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Versatility Show - 4th of July

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

It's always a good day to show with JK Versatility Performance Horses.

Cash waiting for his turn to show.
Vickie Corbett on Oakley about to show in Ranch Trail

Super Friendly and Fun Shows

We want to thank Jason and Missy Kopischke at JK Versatility Performance Horses for a wonderful showing experience. We have attended a couple of their shows, and have really enjoyed ourselves - even when we didn't do enough preparation and Nana showed in someone else's ill-fitting boots and hat. Everyone we have met at these shows has been very friendly and welcoming. You get the sense that all the participants are there to enjoy the competition and the comradery.

Nancy Pearson showing Oakley in Ranch Confirmation

Spring Show, 2020

Vickie attended a ranch trail class on Cash the day before the actual show. She learned a lot from the top-notch clinicians and is now hooked on the Ranch Trail class. Her Mom, Nancy Pearson (aka Nana), took Oakley to the show and won 2nd place in the Ranch Confirmation class. Nancy wasn't planning to show, but pulled it off with style in Vickie's boots (two sizes too big), Vickie's hat (stuffed with paper towels) and the oldest, most chewed up halter you've ever seen. We're still laughing about it!

4th of July Show, 2020

Cash (Poco Be Frost) was shown by Vickie's sister-in-law, Lainie Ereno, and won the Ranch Confirmation class. Keeping up with tradition, Lainie borrowed a shirt and hat from Vickie at the last minute. Vickie Corbett was freed up to show her yearling Dea for the very first time. Even though Dea got a little "hippy-hoppy", they placed 7th in a class of about 16 horses. Vickie is chalking that up to a big win as she was the only weanling in the class and she was showing against aged horses. Vickie also had a blast riding Cash in the Ranch Trail class. There is always something new and challenging in this class.

Cash waiting for his turn to show


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