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American Buckskin Registry Association (ABRA) World Show

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Our first World Show, but definitely not our last.

Vickie Corbett showing Dea and Alicia Guard showing Ziva at the ABRA World Show

Nancy Pearson, Vickie Corbett and Alicia Guard

Friends and More Friends

Vickie Corbett hooked up her new-to-us horse trailer with living quarters, loaded up Dea, grabbed Mom (Nancy Pearson, aka Nana) and headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the ABRA World Show. Once there, Vickie and Nancy were able to connect with Alicia Guard, who had bought one of Vickie's babies, Ziva. The show was amazing and the people involved were welcoming and friendly. Vickie and Nancy had a blast meeting fellow Buckskin enthusiasts and making new friends

Learning the Ropes

Vickie Corbett showing Dea in the Weanling Halter Class

Vickie had shown before, but it's been a few years (or more). Showmanship and Halter showing really has changed! Vickie's plan was to follow what everyone else in her Halter class was doing. It would have worked, but at the last minute she found out she would be first to go into the ring. Whoops! Chris Byrd with 4B Halter Horses saw the panicky look in Vickie's eye and took pity on her. He very helpfully gave her a quick run down of what to do and lots of encouragement. Then he sagely reminded her, "We're all following you - If you screw up, we all screw up!”. Needless to say, Vickie did a great job and ended up placing 4rd in her class.

Final Results

  • Ziva (Owned and Shown by Alicia Guard) - Reserved World in Open Dun Factor Class, and 3rd Place in the Weanling Halter Class

  • Dea (Owned and Shown by Vickie Corbett) - 3rd Place in Open Dun Factor Class, 4th Place in Weanling Halter Class

  • Malibu Classic Kid (Owned and Shown by Alicia Guard) - Reserved World Champion in Aged Stallion Halter Class.

Ziva owned and shown by Alicia Guard (left) and Vickie Corbett (right)

Showing off our ribbons and doing a little marketing with our table cover by Cross Three Designs


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