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Corbett Creek Ranch produces quality Coastal Bermuda horse hay

We are SOLD OUT of hay for 2023

Coastal Bermuda Hay

We grow premium Coastal Bermuda hay that we sell directly from our property outside of Calera, OK.  Having family in Prosper, TX allows us to also deliver hay to the Frsico, McKinney and Prosper areas.  We are serious about our hay quality and always honest with our customers.

We categorize our square bales of hay by "grades" of #1 or #2.  

#1 - 2 strand wire tied 50-55 lbs square bales of fertilized, WEED FREE horse hay stacked in the barn.

#2 - 2 strand wire tied 50-55 lbs square bales of fertilized, mostly weed free horse hay WITH MINIMAL WEEDS stacked in the barn.

Round Bales - 4 x 5 Round Bales - Fertilized, net wrapped bales.

For select customers, we do allow reservations of hay that can be stored in our barn and picked up or delivered at a later date.

Contact us at or call Vickie at 580-775-5989 for current hay prices and possible delivery.  You can also follow us on Facebook.

  • What is #1 and #2 Hay?
    Square Bales - Our #1 square bales are premium horse hay that is as free of weeds as possible. Our #2 square bales may have some weeds. Our square bales are wire-tied. Round Bales - Our #1 round bales are horse quality, although they may contain some weeds. Our #2 round bales will have some weeds and winter rye grass. Our round bales are net-wrapped. We typically round bale our first cutting which clears our fields of winter rye and early weeds along with the Coastal Bermuda grass. Our second and third cuttings are typically square baled, although sometime due to weather or other haying conditions we round bale it as #1 round bales.
  • Is your hay fertilized and irrigated?
    Our hay is fertilized using non-organic fertilizer, typically twice a season. Our hay is only irrigated by nature.
  • Is your hay organic?
    Our hay is not organic since it we do use non-organic fertilizer and weed killers. We would be happy to discuss what products we use.
  • How many square bales make a round bale?
    Our best estimate by weight is about 15 square bales to one round bale.
  • How much does you hay weigh per bale?
    Our estimate is 55-60 pounds per square bale and 500 pounds per round bale.
  • How is your hay stored?
    Our square bales are stored inside our barn. Our round bales are stored outside in our hay field.
  • How much does delivery cost?
    If you are within our delivery area, we charge $2/square bale and $20/round bale. Please contact us for more information regarding delivery since it depends on a lot of factors like location, how many bales, etc.
  • Do you offer a discount if the hay is picked up out of the field on the day you are baling?
    Yes! Please follow our Facebook page to see when we will be baling or send us an email and let us know you want to be notified.
  • Can I reserve hay?  What does reserving hay mean?
    Reserving hay allows our customers to lock in the current price and also store their hay at our farm, if needed. Reserving hay requires a contract and 50% deposit paid when reserving the hay. If we have enough hay to cover your order (we usually do), then half of teh 50% deposit is non-refundable but will be applied to hay that is picked up/delivered. If we do not have enough hay to fill your order, then we will refund your deposit in full. We fill hay reservations in the order they are reserved.
  • When do you have hay for sale?
    We typically have our first cutting of round bales in early June, our second cutting in July and sometimes a third cutting in August. It mostly depends on weather. We typically sell completely out of hay around December (which is why our repeat customers typically reserve their hay).
  • How can I pay for my hay?
    We accept cash, debit cards or credit cards. We do not accept checks.
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