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International Buckskin Horse Association (IBHA) World Show

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Cheering on friends and getting ideas

Hopes of Showing Kai Faded

Vickie had high hopes of showing her yearling filly Kai at the IBHA World Show. She had been working hard training Kai and getting her prepared. One day, Vickie got Kai all slicked off and looking so beautiful for the show that she posted pictures to social media showing her off. A horseman from Mexico saw the pictures and had to have her. Even though Kai was Vickie's heart horse (the one you'll never sell), she and Brent still priced her for the buyer and she sold.

Still Having Fun

Even though Kai sold, Vickie and her Mom Nancy were determined to still go to the IBHA World Show to cheer on Indie and Allie, two Corbett Creek Ranch fillies that had been bought in 2019. Vickie and Nancy got an early start and drove straight through to Indiana to meet up with Michelle Rothhaar and Julie Miller, Indie and Allie’s owners.

Michelle Rothhaar and Indie
Michelle Rothhaar and Van Dykes Lil Indie (Indie) at the 2019 IBHA World Show

Vickie and Nancy enjoyed great company, great food and met new friends. They were able to watch the fillies win Reserve and 3rd in the Weanling Halter class.

Vickie enjoyed it so much, she made a deal with Michelle and Julie to meet the next year to all show again in the ABRA World Show. It was a great idea at the time, but then Covid-19 hit in early 2020. Since Michelle and Julie live in Ohio, they were unable to travel to Tulsa for the ABRA show. So, the three ladies decided Michelle and Julie would still show at the IBHA, and Vickie would show in the American Buckskin Registration Association (ABRA) World Show.

In the IBHA 2020 World Show, Michelle’s daughter showed Indie in the Hand Trail class - she won World!!! Vickie and Nancy can't wait to meet Michelle and Julie in Tulsa for the 2021 ABRA World Show.

Indie, being shown by Michelle Rothhaar's Daughter
Indie, being shown by Megan Rothhaar at the 2020 IBHA World Show (Indie won World Champion in this class)


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