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It's Pumpkin Time!!!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

We had a little too much fun at the new Platter Flats Pumpkin Patch.

Riley loading a round bale
The bear that needs a name - at the Platter Flats Pumpkin Patch

The Not So Little Bear

So you've been working all day in the sun and mosquitos trying to build an entry way fence for your wife. You're just wrapping up for the evening, when she calls you and says "Hey - could you drive down the road and build one of your round bale bears? Like tonight?". While most men would cuss (or possibly cry), our resident super-husband just sighed and said "how tall and where's the hay?"

A couple hours later, with some artistic spray paint help from Vickie, we are proud to present The Bear at Platter Flats Pumpkin Patch! This is a new pumpkin patch opening in Fall 2020. They are just down the road from our hay farm, and we have enjoyed watching their progress as they get ready for the season. Be sure to check them out!

Construction of The Bear


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