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That's a Wrap!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Our Hay Report for 2020

We had a wonderful hay season this year, and we can't wait for you to see this gorgeous hay! We still have some squares and round bales left for sale, but hurry - they are going fast!

First Cutting

We had our first cutting back in June. For that cutting, we baled all round bales. This is typical practice for us, since we usually get a lot of the winter hay and rye grass in the first cutting.

Second Cutting

Our second cutting was in August. in the past we have had earlier cuttings, but this year we treated our fields with the weed killer Pastora. The Pastora set back the growth of the Coastal grass, but it did a beautiful job of killing some very stubborn weeds we had been battling for the last couple years. We finally got rid of the "needle grass" and a couple more "new" weeds we were blessed with after all the rains.

This time we had 100% #1 premium hay on our second cutting, and we baled it all in square bales. This is the first time our hay barn has been full to overflowing. In fact, we had to bale additional #1 in round bales. We hardly ever do this, but we were forced to since we ran out of room in the barn - a nice problem to have.

Thank you to all of hay customers - we really do appreciate you!


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