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We have purchased a few mares the past two years and I have been very slack on introductions.

So, without further ado, meet two of the four.

First up: Wright A Pop Ledgend (aka) Poppy

Poppy is the 3rd mare we have bought from GoneDun Quarter Horses. They, like us like a well-versed horse that's got brains, conformation, ability and a pedigree. The color is just icing on the cake!!


This BIG pretty girl is in foal by IJ Kings Hombre. (Axle) Is a gorgeous Grullo. That is double homozygous black, dun, and 6 panel negative. He is used on their ranch in Alberta, Canada.

will foal end of April, and we can't wait!! Bet she's more ready than us!

Next up: Peppys Silver Lining (aka) Pepper.

Pepper is a gorgeous double homozygous black, dun and 6 panel negative Grulla mare.

We were able to purchase Pepper and Jojo (Jojo is at my parents getting bred) from the Hopkins ranch in British Columbia, Canada.

She is a beautiful mare that has LOTS of dun factor, broke to ride and is double homozygous black, dun and 6 panel negative. She's the sweetest mare and fits right in.


Checked In Foal 30 days yesterday!!! 2/28/23


Be sure to keep watching our foals page and our ranch Facebook page Corbett Creek ranch for new arrivals and updated pictures.


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