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March Madness

Totally different meaning at Corbett Creek Ranch.

March is probably my second favorite month of the year. Not only is it my moms and mine birthday month, but it's the busiest month for foals to be born, Usually.

This March has started of with a bang!! CJ started it of with a gorgeous double homozygous filly, that's got dun factor for days!!

Paddy EE DD Filly
One Day Old

She was born Saint Patrick's Day so we had to name her Paddy. She's got a wide dorsal stripe like her momma, a gorgeous little head like her daddy, and she is the sweetest too.

Best Lil Snuggler AKA Paddy

Tejana Jackie is up next. We have had a cold front blow in and rain, I turned Jackie out this morning. Who wants to take a bet? It's misting rain, she's turned out, and I have a dentist appointment. Bet y'all I have a baby when I get home!!

Waxed up big time 340 days today. 3/21/23
Got Milk??

Lil T was next on the foaling schedule, but she must have absorbed her foal. She is open this year. 😭 She has come out of transition so with a little bit of prayer we are hoping she settles and will have a foal middle of February in 2024.

We will be winding down our foaling season this year in early May. Both Maggie and Poppy will be closing out our 2023 foaling season and I can't wait!!

Due to foal middle to end of April
Sheza Magic Vandyke AKA Maggie

37 days left to go. So End of April first of May
Wright A Pop Legend AKA Poppy


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