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Are They Handled

We get asked all the time how much time we spend with our babies? The answer is A LOT. I've always spent a lot of time with our horses. I was the kid who would spend hours outside on my horse. There are those that don't mess with their foals. That don't halter break till they are either ready to wean or at a year old. And if that's your way, that's ok. It just doesn't work for our program. We have hands on each and every one of our foals as soon as they are born. I halter break each one at 5-7 days old, and from day one we are working at picking up feet, messing with their ears, face and rubbing bellies. We lead our babies often, so that if we run into an emergency, we are able to tie one up to doctor.

Tess N Steel Dust (Tess) 2023 colt was born at 6:00AM on the 9th. He's our 4th foal to be born this year. We have 5 more to go.🥰

I will always handle our babies a lot, because when you go to start them and they have been handled from birth, you end up with a horse that trusts you. And a horse that trusts you , will go to the ends of the earth to please you. They are easier to start, because they trust you, they have been loved on all over. They have been leaned over on, rubbed on every inch of their bodies, and have had everything from feed sacks to cats run over them. So when it's time to saddle, it's no big deal .

I hope you enjoy the shorts video. This lil bugger needs a name.


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