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Opossum Wrangling

Let's just say when checking mares in the middle of the night, one must be sure to close the tack room door well!!

Picture walking into your tack room in the morning and the first clue something is off is the stench. Secondly you start to see clues of why there is a stench. And then, you see it!! The opossum the size of a small dog. Not the chihuahua small either!

All I can say is , I am so thankful it was farrier day, and our farrier is not only great at trimming and shoeing horses, he's a pretty darn good opossum wrangler. That thing was HUGE!! Like so fat Rob couldn't grab it at the scruff of the neck, and had to grab it by the tail. 🤯

I'm just glad I found it that morning and not in the middle of the night. Can you imagine opening the tack room in the middle of the night, sleep deprived from not getting enough sleep because you've been checking mares? I'm telling ya now, y'all would have probably heard me scream if I'd seen that huge guy creeping around in the tack room. That would be a hard NOPE!! I don't do snakes or opossum at night!!

You just never know what you will get into when you're her visiting or trimming mares.


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