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Drum Roll!!

Even though he is in his winter woolies, and in that ugly duckling stage of a young yearling going through the butt high stage. I think he's all that and a bag of chips!

Introducing our 7 panel negative, AQHA double homozygous black and dun EE DD aa N/Cr Grullo Jr stallion!!!

Gunna Dust Ya (aka) Hoodoo

Hoodoo is an own son of IJ Kings Hombre who is 100% foundation in all registries. IJ Kings Hombre is by the great Jaz Acero Hombre, who was laid to rest at his home in North Dakota on the Blackburn Foundation Quarter Horses Ranch in May of 2022. We are honored and excited to own a few of these great bred mares and now a stud.

Hoodoo will be crossed on our Sr. Stallion, Shining C R Vandyke daughters and we are looking forward to seeing what they produce.

This spring we will be getting more pictures after he loses his winter coat, and before the sun bleaches his true Smokey Grullo color.


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