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Tyson - This year's heart stealer

As most of you know, my parents, Jim and Nancy Pearson of JNP Horses, have a business supplying nurse mares. For the past 7 years, I have helped them by taking care of the nurse mare orphans. I get them started on milk/creep feed, socialize them and then find them homes. Every year, there is a special orphan that steals my heart and is really hard for me to sell. There's a bond, and just something special about them. This year, that baby is... Tyson.

Vickie Corbett and Tyson the Fighting Horse
Vickie Corbett and Tyson the Fighting Horse

You Can't Keep a Good Colt Down

Tyson, is my 2021 heart strings orphan that had a pretty hard start. He caught a stomach bug and had water diarrhea for 14 days. Through lots of love, prayer and will-power, Tyson pulled through. Even though he lost a lot of weight, he had a strong appetite and a desire to thrive.

Then, about a week into treatment, I noticed he was peeing out his navel. This is more common than you would think in stud colts. So, I added that to my daily doctoring along with diarrhea meds.

"Tyson" fought really hard - hence his name. Just like the famous fighter, Mike Tyson, he beat all the odds and healed up completely. I figured if he was going to fight to live and thrive, then I was going to pull my weight and fight with him just as hard.

Making It Official

Tyson, is a BIG bay colt that’s royally bred. His sire, Good Better Best (aka Mag), is a gorgeous 17 hand bay 2017 AQHA Congress Hunter Under Saddle Champion and Open Reserve World Champion. Not only does Mag have size, ability, outstanding disposition and conformation, he stamps his foals with the same great mind and ability.

Good Better Best aka Mag who is Tyson's Sire
Good Better Best (Mag, Tyson's Sire)

I had a hard decision to make at one point - whether or not to spend more money to try and get him registered. I called EE Ranches where Mag stands and told them Tyson’s story. They agreed to put his mother on the stud report, and then I would have to pay for the stud fee. This is in the works, and now our beautiful Tyson will be registered.

Our Greeter and Helper

After spending so many hours praying and doctoring Tyson, we have a pretty neat bond. He honestly thinks he’s a big dog. He follows me around the ranch just like my dog Gizzy, and during the day I open his stall so he has free run of the place. Tyson knows his name and he will usually come when called. He loves baths and is our official greeter and helper. He loves water like a fish and most days if I’m bathing another horse, he will mosey his way in the wash rack to get a spray down.

More in the Life of Tyson

Eventually, I would love to see Tyson go to a show home. He is the most elegant mover I have seen in a long time. When he naturally changes leads, he smooth like fine silk.

For now, I will be doing a daily post on our Facebook page of the Life of Tyson. Please watch for the fun and exciting shenanigans he gets into.

Tyson likes to lay down to eat
Long legs, little neck are hard! Tyson likes to lay down to eat. LOL


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